People Who Buy NordicTrack Treadmills Are Happy

In a study I just conducted, one hundred percent of NordicTrack users were “happy”.  We did not have any neuroimaging computers to see if they were telling the truth, but Neuro-lingquistic analysts (myself) confirmed their emotion to be genuine.  In total we question a pool of one single person.  The perky NordicTrack user, who is not me, described his treadmill experience as “good”.


How has your quality of life changed since you bought a treadmill?

“Oh, gosh. life has changed I suppose.  I have always been an avid runner, but know i just keep up with celebrity news and junk.  You know, because I can watch the teli while I put miles on my treadmill.  I guess you could say my life is good.


What do you dislike about the machine?

I don’t like, well, nothing. Everything about my C900 is perfect. Except the fan is a bit week, but I have great air conditioning in my house anyway.


Would you recommend it to your friends? 



Will you expound on that?

No… haha just kidding.  Well it is a great piece of machinery. I have been working with it for a almost 15 months. I haven’t had any problems with it or anything and it keeps me in shape.