Percentage of Obesity in America Increasing

Childhood obesityIn the 1960’s, JFK predicted that both physical fitness and the importance of physical fitness would decline. Nowadays, about 36% of Americans are overweight. In fact, some people are predicting that over 32 million Americans will be obese in 2030. So what are the causes of this?

Honestly, people are so obsessed with getting money nowadays; they are putting it before their health. Here’s a pretty common routine for most Americans:

Wake up, drink morning coffee while getting ready for work, and then drive to work. Oh crap, forgot about breakfast! Better stop at Crap-Donalds. Sure, they have a low-calorie menu… which consists of food below 400 calories.

Work, work, and more work. Oops! Forgot to pack a healthy lunch, better go out and get some French fries instead of going home to prepare a healthy meal. Better to get more hours in than eat healthy!

Finally, work is over. Ugh, work was so exhausting that the only thing that looks good right now is a delivery menu from Pizza Hut.

You get the picture. People are so tired and obsessed with money that they don’t realize that their very health is on the line. Also, notice how there wasn’t any exercise in that daily routine at all?So how can you stop this vicious cycle?

Go to the grocery store, buy some healthy food and healthy snacks, and prepare yourself some grab-and-go meals you can take with you to work. You can also buy some healthy finger-foods at the store like baby carrots or whole grain crackers that you can eat on your way to work. That’s faster than waiting in line at any fast food joint.

Anyways, wake up and realize what’s really important in life. Besides, it’s very possible to be both healthy and wealthy. What will you do? Will you change, or be a part of the 32 million.