Our Thoughts and Prayers to Boston – And What You Can Do To Help

Prayers For BostonI’m sure as you’ve all heard, there was a tragic incident at the Boston Marathon yesterday. Here at NordicTrackCoupon.com our heart and prayers go out to those who are hurting. There were three lives lost and more than 150 injured from the explosions that occurred near the finish line.

There are many people coming together to honor and support those who have been affected by the explosions. Some are uniting and wearing blue and yellow in honor of the medals and jackets worn at the Boston Marathon.

An article from the HuffingtonPost.com stated, “There’s a movement happening for runners to unite and wear a race shirt tomorrow [4/16] to honor and remember those lost today…For those without a race shirt or if you have to dress up for work, wear the Boston Marathon colors of blue and yellow.”

A post from one of our favorite bloggers PBFingers shared How You Can Help Boston and some ways those of our readers, runners alike or not, looking to help can do so: