Proper Treadmill Technique

If you are lucky enough to have a treadmill with handle bars then you had better be darn sure not to misuse it. While you are running you should not be holding on to the handle bars.  All the time at the gym I see people working on the treadmills, and the problem is they are hunched over, breathing hard, and they are holding onto the handles with a death grip.

The problem here is they are throwing off their alignment by pushing their weight on their arms rather than their legs.  This is going to cause a jarring motion in the spine and it could throw of your alignment.  Jogging is a great way to keep your alignment straight, but if you get in a bad habit of leaning on the handle bars then you may be doing yourself disservice.

The second biggest problem I see is heel foot runners.  Now with the fancy shoes and the soft treadmills, which are so easily available to all you fitness junkies, heel foot running isn’t the worst thing in the world.  In fact, most people are heel foot runners, meaning they run by landing on their heels when their feet make contact with the ground.

"Run like I do"

This can lead to a lot of pressure on the knees, and it doesn’t work out the muscles the same way as the alternative running formation.

The proper way to run is with the fore foot trot.  Land with the ball of your foot and roll your heel to the ground to prevent jarring impact on the fibula and tibia.  This is going to work the calve muscles and all the tendons in the foot a lot better too, thus increasing your ability to jump and switch directions mid run.