Recovering From Intensive Workout

When you exercise you are actually tearing apart the tissue of your muscle.  The more you tear the muscular fabric the more physical development you can expect.  Of course though, you should never overdo it, or else your exercises may become counterproductive.  You have to let your body recover and repair the damaged muscle tissue. Proper recovery is just as important as physical activity, without it you wouldn’t be any better off.  The body needs rest to recover, but it seems like many people do not know the right methods to recovery.

repair the body


Relax Your Body

After an intensive run or workout it is good to have some down time.  Getting a massage is a great way to strain all the built up toxins from your muscles.  Also, if you can handle it, it is ideal to take a bath in ice water.  This will prevent you from becoming sore and it will help your muscle repair faster too.


For a long time people were taught that stretching should be done before the exercise.  Turns out, that isn’t true, but that doesn’t mean you should disregard stretching altogether.  Stretching after rigorous exercise is going to help release lactic acid from the muscle tissue.  This will decrease soreness.

Eat Right

You are what you eat, in a sense of molecular compounds anyway.  Your body is constantly taking in nutrients like proteins, minerals, and vitamins to help repair and rebuild old cells.  After your workout try to get a good amount of nutrition, not just protein.  Fruits and veggies are very important for physical development too.


This is the most important one of them all.  When you sleep your body produces a little hormone called DHEA. It is the growth and repair hormone in the body, and it basically works miracles.  The body cannot repair unless it is turned off.  Kind of like how a mechanic wouldn’t work on a car if it was driving down the freeway.