Running in the city

If you live in the city like I do then you probably have some of the same problems that I do with running in the city . Running is still one of my favorite forms of exercise but ever since I moved here for school I haven’t been able to get the same level of enjoyment out of running that I did when I was in Hing school before. For one thing, running in the city doesn’t offer the same views and landscapes that the country does. That is probably the biggest things that I miss about running in the country. The other thing that really bugs me is that running in the city is hard because of the dirty air that I have to breath while I am out jogging.

Running in the country is always a good experience because there are opportunities to get in touch with nature as well as feeling the air and being able to breath it without choking. When I run now in the city I usually don’t get to run as far as I did before in the country. One thing That I actually do like about running in the city is that there are places that I can actually run to instead of just running somewhere and then turning around and running back home. I meant hat I can have my running rout be over to my work. I can take the long way to work and have an extra set of clothes there waiting for me.

Running in the city lets my shoes last longer too because there is less dirt and mud and water that gets inside the fabric and wears it down.