Shake Before and After

We are not talking about “grooving”.  You should be doing an adequate amount of movement during your exercise, so you don’t need to worry about dancing before or after.  Though it never hurt anyone to groove a little.


The topic here is protein.  Getting your protein in a shake is the easiest way to fuel up without getting a ton of calories.  It is best to go for a soy or whey protein mix.  Most of which can be added to milk, and once you get used to them they can be quite enjoyable.


To make it a little tastier throw in a spoon full of peanut butter and a banana. Try to get organic peanut butter, stuff that isn’t so sugary and processed. The banana is going to be high in carbohydrates and will provide a myriad of nutrients, it is the best way to kick start your workout.


Drinking a shake before you exercise will increase the amino acids flowing throughout your body, and this provides your muscles with the building block they need to develop rapidly. After you have finished working out drink another protein shake.  This will promote muscular gain.


Now it is important not to go over on calories or protein, otherwise you will not be looking lean and fit but fat and flabby.  So a simple rule to go by is 1 gram of protein per 2.2 pounds of your body mass.  So consume about half your weight in grams of protein.  However, if you are trying to beef up, you might try a little more.  Careful though, do not over do it.