Sometimes Losing weight is Counterintuitive

According to a study in 2010 done by the University of Florida, losing weight quickly is actually better than losing it slow.  Most of us have heard that slow and steady is how to win the race. Well, as it turns out, slow and steady doesn’t win the any races. I feel inclined to apologize to any turtles who may be reading this.

Now there is the concern that if you drop a lot of weight fast then the body is going to want to replace the missing fat. But this only happens when you starve yourself. Starving yourself to lose weight, makes sense right. How could one possibly be fat if one doesn’t eat? The problem is the body, literally, is shocked by this and when you begin eating again, as you surely have to, to prevent death your body is going to turn food into fat to protect against any future famines.

Losing weight fast comes from doing things like eating metabolic boosting foods like dairy. This is a very effective way to burn some extra calories, all you have to do is speed up the metabolism.  Essentially that is what exercise does too.  To create more energy to fuel the muscles the body has to burn more calories. That’s exercise for you.

Dairy foods have what are called proactive enzymes in them.  These are tiny little organisms that are actually alive, they help to break down other things like proteins, carbs, and sugars. Just eating a yogurt a day will increase the metabolism.  Oatmeal, too, is great for that.  I would recommend eating yogurt and oatmeal with an egg for breakfast at least seven times a week.