Spring Time Sale – Over $1000 Off the X9i Incline Trainer

As we stated in yesterday’s post, Spring Has Arrived and is in full bloom! That means along with the warm weather, the clothing becomes less baggy and well…just less. In honor of Spring time and those trying to rush to get into shape for those warm weather clothes, NordicTrack.com is having a sale! More than $1,000 off the NordicTrack X9i Incline Trainer to help you tone those glutes, thighs, and overall core muscles. If we haven’t drilled it in your head enough, check out LiveStrong’s Benefits of Incline Treadmills. Then once you make your purchase, which you need to today as the SALE ENDS TOMORROW, be sure to head back and try these Treadmill Interval Workouts from Fitness Magazine to help you get started on your way toward that bikini body in no time!

NordicTrack X9i Incline Trainer Sale

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