Taking Your Workout Indoors This Winter

Running in the SnowAlthough winter does not officially start until December 21st this year, with the hit of snow storms over the past week seems to many like winter is already in full swing. With snow now on the ground and temperatures creeping further and further down many are being forced to take their workouts indoors.

Don’t let the winter months give you the excuse to sit on the couch bundled up and packing on the pounds. We want to ensure all your hard work over the summer doesn’t go out the window and you fall victim to any winter weight gain.

Here are a few Indoor Winter Exercise Ideas from Yahoo to help you keep on track of your fitness goals:

Invest In At-Home Exercise Equipment. Well obviously we would suggest this one, as we are big believers in at-home exercise equipment, especially during the winter months. Being able to schedule your workout in no matter what the weather outdoors may be like is one of the Top Benefits of Owning a Treadmill, or any exercise equipment for that matter. Check out NordicTrack.com to see what at-home exercise equipment is best for your needs this winter.

Invest in Workout DVD’s. Take your workout into the living room by purchasing workout DVD’s. Workout DVD’s are also a great alternative to gym classes, yet at a onetime low cost instead of monthly gym memberships. You’re able to workout on your time and your convenience. If you build up a collection you are also able to vary your workout to what you are feeling that day whether it be cardio, yoga, or something more along the lines of strength training.

YouTube. If you don’t have the money to invest in your own exercise DVD’s you can always try YouTube.com and search for exercise videos, or specify exactly what type of workout you are looking for! YouTube has tons of free exercise videos ranging from circuits, cardio, strength moves, pilates, yoga; you can also find videos to fit your time frame from 5 mins to hour videos!

Lunges During LaundryDo Some Deep Winter Cleaning. “Cleaning up your home involves a good deal of physical labor. Sweeping, mopping and dusting burns fat.” According to CalorieCount.com you can burn up to 204 calories per hour with just general cleaning. Kill two birds with one stone while getting your workout in and cleaning the house! You can also try to incorporate strength moves, such as lunges or squats while emptying the dishwasher or calf raises when dusting the high shelves.

Dancing and Cleaning for Your WorkoutDance. “Dancing is a great cardio exercise, and henceforth a great way to burn calories.” Put on your favorite booty-shaking tunes and dance the night away. You can even incorporate cleaning with the dancing by bumping your favorite tunes while you clean to inspire you to move it a bit more during your cleaning session.

Make Your Own Stair Stepper. If you have stairs in your home, then who needs a stair stepper? Use your own stairs to give you some cardio and strengthen your core. You can simple run up and you’re your stairs for a duration of time, or incorporate the stairs into a circuit workout mixed with jumping jacks, pushups, tricep dips, etc. Here are more Stair Exercises you can do at home from the Live Strong website.


Be sure you don’t let the winter months stop you from getting your workouts in, use the cold weather as inspiration to try new to you indoor workouts! And if you’re not afraid of the indoors, try these 4 Fun and Intense Winter Exercise Ideas for some outdoor exercise ideas.

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What do you do when the winter months force you to take your workouts indoors?

What are some of your favorite indoor workouts?