Tap Into The Adrenalin

I don’t want you readers to become careless adrenalin junkies. However, I do want you to know the thrill of an exciting situation.  The kind that tightens the blood vessels, quickens the heart rate, and burns glucose from the inside out.  These situation create a reaction in the brain that is very much like taking illicit drugs, and that is why some people get so carried away with it.  You do not have to jump out of an airplane, perform a triple backflip or fly down the road at 100+ miles per hour.  There are simple ways to getting a rush of adrenalin without putting yoruself in harmful situation.

Adrenalin is the hormone that makes us feel elated and euphoric, and it is a direct response of stimulation.  If you want to get specific then you would say that adrenalin comes from the adrenal glands as epinephrine.  This happens when the body thinks that it may need more energy.  Unfortunately your stupid adrenal glands don’t know the difference between a saber tooth tiger, a kiss from an attractive girl, or from upbeat music. Fortunately for you, any of the above are going to give you that rush of hormones and then subsequently rush of endorphins.

A great way to get your body to feel this is by simply running.  Of course running for five minutes will not do a lot, so do thirty minutes of running, pretend that there is something dangerous you are running from.  Fun fact, you can trick your adrenal glands into thinking that you are actually in a perilous situation just by thinking you are.

Remember those times as a kid you were walking home from night games and you told yourself not to look behind you.  Remember how you were convinced there was someone there, and you knew that if you started running then they would.  So you fought the urge to run until you were with 100 meters of your house and then you started to sprint like you were Usain Bolt from Jamacia in the 2011 olympics. Well, that urge came from hormones you had tricked your organs into producing. That is why some people love to scare themselves.

If you are not into that just start jogging easy as pie.