The Ultimate Runner’s Guide [Infographic]

So you’ve decided to become a runner? Great choice, running has many benefits along with the cardiovascular health it provides. Check out 10 Benefits of Running to help you know you’re falling into a great habit!

Before you begin, be sure to read our tips on How To Get Started with an 8-week beginners program to help you ease into this glorious runners lifestyle you’ll grow to love!

Below is an infographic from sharing anything and everything you’ll need to know about running. The Ultimate Runner’s Guide, and it falls nothing short of just that! It has everything from fun facts on runners and marathons across the world, different muscle groups and techniques used depending on the length of your runs, the best warm-up and cool-down practices for runners alike, the best diets for runners, equipment need, along with the helpful tips to avoid injuries when running. They sure didn’t miss a beat on this one, it truly is The Ultimate Guide!! Check it out below:


The Ultimate Runner's Guide Infographic

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