Three Foods to Work Into Exercise


Before any exercise you need to work up the energy to begin the routine. Bananas are the perfect food to get the body pumped and ready to go. Potassium, which bananas have tons of, are a key source for producing and storing energy. A good time to eat a banana is 15 to 20 minutes before an exercise.
Other great sources of energy would include foods high in protein, such as eggs, shakes, meats. The only problem with this is that they are much higher in caloric content and cholesterol.



While you are working out you are tearing apart your muscles a little by little.  The whole point of exercise is either to lose weight or to grow muscle.  The skin of apples has a lot of ursolic acid, which produces an insulin-like growth hormone and insulin itself.  Eating an apple every day will help your body to develop muscle tissue easier.

Of course you will also need proteins to provide the proper ingredients for muscle development.



After the workout there is always the period of time where the muscles feel like they have been tied in knots and are being pulled with each movement.  This soreness can be relieved with a simple anti-inflammatory found in cherries.  Cherries have the same anti-inflammatory enzyme as ibuprofen, except they don’t cause kidney and liver damage.


So when you are exercise make sure you are eating you get your pre-workout banana, your mid-workout apple, and your post-workout cherries.  Also make sure to get a healthy diversity of nutrients.