Timing is Everything

timing is everything It makes sense that if you eat when you are inactive you are liable to gain more weight than if you were to eat and then go run.   Studies show that rats with the same exercise routine and diet actually vary in weight gain depending on when food is consumed.  So even if you are exercise and doing all that good stuff, stuffing a sugary snack down your gullet while watching the tele is still going to cause weight gain.

Sugars are almost immediately turned into fat after they enter the body. This is why if you are eating sugary snacks you should probably also be running on a treadmill or something. That is unless you actually want to gain a lot of weight very quickly, which you probably don’t.

Here is the trick to keep in mind.  During active moments in the day, treats are ok.  But when you are lying around you probably shouldn’t eat garbage.  It doesn’t take a medical journal to know that eating at the wrong time will make you gain weight.  Or maybe it does.

Don’t worry thought that doesn’t mean you have to go to sleep on an empty stomach.  You can still have a snack at night, just make sure that it is a healthy one.  Something like tea or a spoon of yogurt would be great, low in calories and comforts the belly.  Try to get good snacks when you are doing things like watching television, or just being lazy.

It is not a sin to be lazy sometimes. The body needs rest as much as it needs nutrients. But you should combine lethargy with sugary snacks other wise you will end up looking like a beluga whale.