Top Treadmill Tips to Flatten Your Abs

Flatten Your AbsWe all want those flat abs and unfortunately too many people waste their time doing endless amounts of crunches in order to achieve them, only to find themselves getting nowhere. When in reality there are many exercises one can do to help them tone their core that doesn’t even require you to be one the floor. Hallelujah!

Well while many people look to treadmills as merely a means of getting their cardio in, which is great because there are many benefits to cardio exercise, they can actually also help to aid you in that six pack you desire. Pretty unbelievable right?! Well you better start believing!

If you are merely jumping on the treadmill, pressing start and going along with your work out at the same speed and pace day after day you won’t be seeing that six pack anytime soon. While cardio exercise can help you to lose weight and unwanted belly fat allowing those underlying abs to poke through, there are also tips and tricks one can use on the treadmill that can help build your core and tone those abdominals. Try these Treadmill Tips to Flatten Your Abs:

Add Incline
Adding Incline to Your Treadmill Workout
First and foremost the most important thing you need to incorporate into your treadmill workout if you are not already is to add incline. When you add incline to your treadmill workout it will contribute to strengthening your core by engaging your lower abdominal muscles.

As you run on this higher incline your lower abs have to contract and work harder in order to lift your knees higher up the steep incline. So the steeper the incline the harder the lower abdominals have to contract. Treadmills such as the NordicTrack Incline Trainer X7i incline up to 40%, that’s a lot of lower abdominal contraction. You also use more muscles when walking/running up an incline, and the more muscles being used equals a higher calorie burn, double whammy!

Suck It In

According to How to Flatten Your Stomach While Walking from you should be actively drawing your navel in during your treadmill walks. “Keeping your abdominals engaged, and not relaxed, helps to build the muscles of your midsection. Gaining stronger muscles helps to burn calories more efficiently and lead to weight loss.” Be sure this does not affecting your breathing though as breathing properly and contracting your muscles when you exhale is also going to help strengthen your core during your treadmill workout.

Maintaining Proper Posture on the TreadmillMaintain Proper Posture

To work your core during your treadmill workout it’s important to maintain proper posture in order to engage your abdominal muscles. Keep your spine straight, stomach muscles in (as described above), head and eyes forward and your arms down by your sides. You are recruiting more of your muscles in this upright position, especially your abdominals. Mentally remind yourself during your workout to check your posture and adjust if necessary.

Twist and Shout

Okay twists only, no shouting. The previously mentioned LiveStrong article suggests rotating your torso to reduce your waistline. “Bend your elbows and swing your arms, rotating your torso. Twisting your torso involves your obliques and can reduce your waistline.” They suggest alternating between walking at a high intensity while twisting your torso one minute, then back off pumping your arms normally for two minutes, then repeat.


While incorporating these tips into your treadmill workout will help to contract and strengthen your muscles while improving your cardiovascular health, they won’t be able to give you a major improvement in strength or size to your abdominals alone. So be sure to still incorporate strength abdominal moves into your fitness regimen. Try these Top 10 Best Ab Exercises from Fitness Magazine or The 45 Greatist Ab Exercises from that organize the exercise pertaining to the abdominal areas they target.