Treadmill Agility Workout

A common complaint from some are the fact treadmills offer one thing, a cardio walking/jogging/running workout. Besides placing your feet on that treadbelt and going, there is not much else one can do on a treadmill. Sometimes we want a little versatility, add a little something more to our treadmill runs. proves there can be much more one can do on a treadmill than simply stride along. “By slowing the belt down and performing track drills on the machine, you can actually increase your agility and speed.” She also advises that you hang onto the rails your first few times trying out this workout till you get the hang of these moves.

All you’ll need for this Agility Training Treadmill Workout, is a treadmill. Easy enough when we got loads of NordicTrack treadmill promotion codes and coupons to help you out there. We recommend for this particular workout a treadmill such as the NordicTrack C900 Pro, one that has quick-touch controls to help you move smoothly throughout the exercise.

Once you got your treadmill in tow, just follow this exercise below that helps increase your agility by incorporating strength and cardio, check out her article here for explanations and pictures on how to do each exercise move, along with 4 more treadmill workouts that are anything but your standard treadmill run.

Treadmill Agility Workout – by

0:00-5:00: Walk or jog on the treadmill, gradually increasing your speed so that you start at a 4 RPE and end at a 6.
5:01-5:30: Slow the treadmill down to its lowest speed and perform high knees as fast as you can.
5:31-6:00: Perform butt kicks as fast as you can, keeping the treadmill’s speed at its lowest pace.
6:01-6:30: Perform lunges as you walk on the treadmill at its slowest, or near slowest, speed. Hold onto the railings to maintain your balance.
6:31-7:00: Perform walking side squats on the treadmill at its slowest speed, making sure to keep your knees and toes in alignment.
7:01-7:30: Walk or jog backward on the treadmill at its slowest, or near slowest, speed.
7:31-12:30: Walk or run on the treadmill, pushing yourself to an 8 RPE.
12:31-15:00: Repeat steps 2 through 6, turning to the opposite side when performing the walking side squats.
15:01-20:00: Jog on the treadmill at a comfortable pace, aiming for a 6 RPE.

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