Treadmill Roulette Workout

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Running on a TreadmillSpeaking of treadmills…even though we’ve stated again and again we are big fans of treadmills and the workouts they provide, we know some think they aren’t as fun as we do. We also know even for those who do find them as equally fun as us, that sometimes we all still need to add a little variety to our treadmill workouts, that sometimes we need to mix things up to make it not so…well boring.

Blogger over at helps us do just that with her Treadmill Roulette: Music Edition. It helps to add variety and keep you focused on the music and speed you’ll workout will just fly by and before you know it you’ll have knocked out about an hour workout.

Now it’s pretty simple to understand, you’ll set your playlist or set your music station to Pandora, whatever your preference may be, just be sure you have at least 10 songs to start! Now your first song is simply the warm up and you can choose from Option 1 or Option 2 whichever you skill level or how you’re feeling that day. The rest of the songs have corresponding questions and you’ll change your speed depending on the answer to the song. “You’ll see that different speeds are assigned to different responses, which is the roulette part. Continue to run at that same speed until the next song starts and do the same for the next question and so on.”

Now try it out for yourself, let us know what ya think!

Treadmill Roulette: Music Edition