Treadmills Meet Entertainment Center

You have probably noticed a trend in the treadmill industry. That is that treadmills are becoming more and more user friendly, and by friendly I mean they are basically all-encompassing entertainment systems now.  Newer treadmills have wifi abilities that allow you to track and record your workout history online and view the progress you have made.  That is pretty neat. Nothing keeps me more motivated than knowing the effects of what I do.

Then there are the more ‘fun’ features. I think this is really going to catch on too.  Different treadmills are so advanced it is basically like having a tablet as a console.  And, because it is inter-digitized (maybe that isn’t a word) you can upload your current runs straight to facebook.  Share your fitness with your friends.  That is another thing that keeps me motivated, having friends to show off for.

The very coolest thing about these new treadmills is their virtual reality capabilities.  Now they do not do a lot yet, but they do have the ability to view any trail on the planet earth and all you to virtually run on it, thanks to google maps.  The trail moves in front of you while you run on treadmill and depending on your speed your scenery will change too, all in real time.

Now with mac rendering 3d maps, and google’s new google glasses the future is going to be pretty freaking awesome.  Here is what I think.  Treadmills are going to eventually evolve into a new platform for gaming.  Ok, maybe not, but I hope that they do.  Anyway they will become exponentially more and more fun.

So far they wireless iphone adapters, speakers, high res monitors, wifi capabilities, and now all they need is some 3d virtual reality and it will be like you are running outside, except for it will be a lot cooler because you will be inside, and you could possible program the treadmills to hurtle falling objects behind you or to simulate cheetahs chasing you.