Trying out the new Nordictrack treadmill

Guess the treadmill that I just got the chance to test out isn’t really a new model. It is a new piece machine and it was new for me to try out but I’m not really sure if this model has been out for a long time or not. It is a pretty cool set up that lets you use your smart phone through its interface. I think you can even make calls and receive calls through the interface.
I don’t actually have a smart phone so I don’t really know how much the treadmill interface can and cannot do. Running on the treadmill was great. It wasn’t too bouncy and it was easy to control. I have heard that running on a treadmill is a bit easier than running outdoors because there is no wind resistance on a treadmill. I read that you can compensate for that by turning up the incline to just one degree on the treadmill. This treadmill has an incline option that I tried to help me get a more accurate running experience.
I think that this treadmill also has a decline option. I guess running on an incline would use different muscles so you could train those muscles too. There was also the chest strap band that was available for me to use. I have heard people refer to it and I understand that something like that could be good for monitoring heart rate but I still couldn’t figure out how to use it. I didn’t bother to ask anyone how it worked and I didn’t get a chance to read any of the instruction manual but it could have been more straightforward about how to put on the monitor and use it.