Upper-Body Strength Exercises Runners Should Do

Strength in RunnersHere at NordicTrackCoupon.com we are big fans of running as a form of exercise to stay fit, yet we know that running alone is not going to get you the results you desire. As an article from Shape.com puts it, “if running’s your thing, it can’t be your only thing if you want to be fit…that’s like saying you’re going to get all your nutrition from a single food.”

Adding upper-body strength training into your workout regimen can help you to get those toned, strong arms but can actually help you to run faster as well. While many thing it‘s all in the legs when it comes to running, your arms actually set the tone for your run. “The faster your arms are, the faster your legs are going to be…And it’s not just speed – arm swing keeps propelling you forward, and fatiguing up top can end your run prematurely. When your shoulders get tired, your legs slow down.”

Try these 6 Upper-Body Strength Exercises Every Runner Should Be Doing from Shape Magazine “to make you a faster, longer runner and a fitter person overall.” Be sure to check out the article itself to read on how to do the moves.

Band Torso RotationBand Torso Rotation:
This move helps you to sculpt your core and loosen your spine. “Arm swinging requires movement and a level of rotation in your upper spine.” To help your arms move more smoothly and stimulate the endurance of run, Shape recommends doing fast-paced reps of this band torso rotation move to help work your spine and sculpt your core.

Renegade Rows
This move is made to help stabilize your core while also helping to increase your shoulder endurance. “To stay on your feet for the long haul, you need upper-body stabilization, and you’re trying to maintain muscle mass.” The running position itself is all about the traps, shoulders and upper back. With this move you’re working all three and stabilizing your core as well.

Shape magazine explains by completing pushups and training yourself anaerobically you starve your muscles of oxygen and use your fast-twitch fibers in this process; these types of moves help you be faster and stronger. They recommend that runners should be doing “two-exercise supersets of pushing and pulling exercises – alternating sets without rest in between. While your pulling muscles rest and recover, you’re still sapping your energy sources while performing the pushing movement.”

Dumbbell Overhead Press And Lat PulldownDumbbell Overhead Press and Lat Pulldown
This move goes right along with the pushing and pulling moves we were just talking about. “After completing a superset of horizontal pushing and pulling, switch to vertical pushing and pulling.” They state that pairing this vertical pushing and pulling exercises with the horizontal pushing and pulling, it will help you keep maximizing your results.

Dumbbell Thrusters
This move is a combination of a squat followed by an explosive overhead press, this move is going to work your whole body all together. To run effectively your whole body has to work together to provide you with the strength and endurance to keep going.


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