Using Daylight Savings Time To Your Advantage – Workout With Your Extra Hour

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Fall Back Daylight SavingWith that being said, how was everyone’s weekend?! Love getting that extra hour of sleep Saturday night? Day light saving officially ended early Sunday morning at 2a.m. meaning we fell back an hour giving us a glorious extra hour to our Sunday! Did you all use that hour wisely or simply sleep it away?

If you are smart you would use this time of year to train yourself to go to bed an hour earlier and wake up an hour earlier than you normally do and get in your workout. Your body is already adjusted to waking up at this time, and with the time shift, your body won’t know the difference if you just go with it. Here are more tips about waking up early.

According to an article from, falling back should actually help us in prioritizing our sleep. “After the time change, it will get dark earlier, which could prompt us to hit the hay sooner, especially compared to the long, well-lit summer evenings that encouraged us to stay up past our bedtimes.”

Getting your workout done and over with in the morning has been proven to have many benefits. In fact this Fit Sugar article Why You Should Workout in the Morning stated that those who workout in the morning are not only more likely to stick to their exercise regiments, but they may actually burn more calories during their workout as well. You have more energy in the morning than after a long workout day and can give more to your workout. Exercising may actually give you more energy throughout your day, which you can read more about in this article from

So instead of letting this extra hour slip away and only falling back into your original routine, take advantage of this opportunity to make yourself a morning exerciser!

Need some ideas to help you get started?! Try this 30 minute treadmill workout from blogger followed by a No Nonsense Circuit Workout from blogger

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