Vibration Training – How Well Does it Really Work?

Here at we not only believe in giving our customers the best deals on NordicTrack home exercise equipment, but informing our customers about all of the latest fitness news as well. For example, one of the latest fitness crazes called vibration training. What is it and what’s all the hype about?!

Vibration training first hit the headlines a few years ago, but whilst it became very popular for a while thanks to various celebrity endorsements, many people still view the vibration plate machines at the gym with a great deal of scepticism. So is vibration training really a fantastic shortcut to a lean and mean physique, or are you deluding yourself?

Vibration TrainingWhat is vibration training?

A vibration workout requires a specialist vibration plate machine (sometimes called a ‘power plate’ machine). Most modern gyms have at least one vibration plate machine, but if you prefer working out at home, you can buy them for home use. Vibration trainer machines can be used on their own, or as part of a wider exercise program, and if used correctly vibration training can help with weight loss, cardio training, and body sculpting.

Performing simple exercises, sitting, standing or even lying on the machine as it vibrates, causes your muscles to repeatedly contract and relax, just as they would if you were exerting yourself through regular exercise. The intensive vibrations mimic the effects of a hard workout, but in a fraction of the time, which is why many people give it a try.

What are the pros of vibration plate training?

1. It is possible to target the whole body in around fifteen minutes, so if you are pushed for time and you want to maximise the effects of basic exercises such as squats, lunges and press-ups, combining these with a vibration plate is likely to produce better results.
2. When used at lower intensities, vibration plate machines can help to increase flexibility and loosen up tight muscles—vibration training is very good for those with back problems, although (as with any type of exercise), expert advice should be sought before using a vibration machine.
3. The high frequency vibration experienced during vibration training workouts can improve bone density, which makes vibration training a useful form of exercise for post-menopausal women.

What are the cons of vibration training workouts?

1. Some people find that the intensive vibrations emitted from vibration plate trainers make them feel sick and dizzy.
Vibration Training Machine2. Although vibration plate machines are generally readily available at gyms, the machines can be very expensive to buy for home use, unlike treadmills that can effortlessly be found for a low cost, for example check out Best Treadmills for 1000 Dollars.
3. At higher intensities, it can be quite hard to tolerate the intense vibrations of the machine, so vibration training is not for everyone.

In summary, vibration training is definitely worth trying if you have access to a power plate machine. However, although a vibration workout can enhance a fitness-training programme and is great if you are stuck for time, vibration training should never be viewed as the “easy” option and not everyone will see the same results. As explained in the pros of using such a machine, they’re great for warm-ups before you hit your treadmill or go for a hard run outdoors.

Author: This post was supplied on behalf of Simply Sweat online women’s fitness clothing and sports bra store based in the UK.