Weekend Weight Loss Tips


While we all stay on the straight and narrow with our healthy meals and routine workouts, it’s easy to fall of course when it comes to the weekends. As much as we all think we deserve those “happy hour margaritas and a plate of cheesy nachos…topping off a touch week in this way can undo all your hard work and even pack on the pounds” according to the article 6 Weekend Weight Loss Tips to Slim Down from Shape Magazine.

The article also went on to say that “according to a study from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, women consume about 115 more calories on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday than they do on the weekdays.” Those 3 days add more calories to you week than the other 5 combined, now that’s saying a lot!

So what can we do to avoid this weekend weight gain, and possibly wake up Monday a little slimmer?! Here are a few of Shape’s weekend weight loss tips, but be sure to check out their article for all 6 tips!

Friday Night Date Night

While we all look forward to dining out on date night come weekend time, many of us often throw those diet rules out the window. To be sure to keep the weight off come the weekend, choose dishes that indicate a healthier cooking method. Shape recommends names such as “au jus (cooked in broth), braised, broiled, baked, and grilled all get the green light.” They also say to try avoiding anything with “creamy, crunchy, crispy, batter-dipped, or sautéed – words that suggest it’s loaded with calorie and fat-laden cream or oil.”

Another good tip when dining out is to try sharing meals. Often times restaurants load us with much more food than we would typically eat if we were dining at home. Try splitting a meal with your partner, or a friend. If no one wants to split, instead ask your server to bring out only half your meal and then pack the rest in a to-go box.

Shopping on an Empty Stomach

Many of us tackle our grocery shopping for the week on the weekends, but just be sure to grab a quick snack before heading out or stash one in your bag.” Often times when we hit those grocery stores on the weekends they’ll be having their best samples out for show, meaning your more tempted to take a bite (or two) at every stand when your famished. It’s also been shown you make more impulse unhealthy choices when it comes to food when you are hungry. Shape recommends a snack with no more than 200 calories and 5 grams of fiber and protein each. Some great options are “whole wheat bread spread with almond butter [and] granola bars” just be sure to look for those with less than 8 grams of sugar.

Overdoing it at Happy Hour

While many of us look forward to our relaxing weekend get-together’s, they’re often loaded with unhealthy treats and high calorie alcoholic drinks. Shape’s slim-down solution advises you to “pass on the two-for-one specials and skip the dessert-like drinks – which can contain 500 calories or more – and opt for a tart, spicy, or strong flavored beverage instead. You’ll sip a Blood Mary or Scotch more slowly than a frozen daiquiri.” Another tip was to avoid positioning yourself right in front of the snacks to avoid temptation.


Also be sure to check out our Weekend-Proof Tips to Fitting in Your Workout to ensure you burn some calories this weekend as well!

Use these tips to avoid weight gain and have a great weekend NordicTrackCoupon.com readers!