Weight Loss: Exactly How Many Calories You Have To Burn

There is a simple trick to weight loss, and that is eating less than the amount required to maintain the mass you already have.  Does that make sense.  Simply put if you eat less you will start to dwindle.  But how much less do you have to eat, or not eat, to actually cause this weight loss?

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Fact: Life expectancy is reduced by 5 years due to obesity

First lets talk about how much you weigh.  I will use me as an example.  I way 155 pounds.  I am moderately fit, capable of running 8 miles on flat ground. I would guess my metabolic rate is probably around normal.  Now even when I am not doing anything at all my body needs to burn calories because simply existing takes effort.  For me, to maintain my bodies mass I have to eat about 1705 calories every single day. That is if I am doing absolutely nothing.  If I am running or climbing or doing anything active then I will exert more energy and maintaining that same mass will require more calories.

The simple equation to figure out how many calories it takes to maintain your mass is: lbs x 11.  I way 155 so I multiply that by 11 and voila 1705 calories is about how many I burn every day at rest. Now here is the fun part if I want to drop weight all i have to do is eat less than that number.

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Don’t worry healthy people will die too.

There are approximately 3,500 calories in a pound. If I cut my diet down and ate say 1505 calories a day I would be depriving myself of 200 calories, so within about 17 days I would have lost a pound.  That is a pound lost every two and a half weeks by avoiding one can of soda every day.  Pretty neat.

However let’s get realistic here. I am not going to be sitting around waiting for my fat to disappear.  I am going to get up and start making it happen.  If I run for an hour long at 8 mph I will have burned an extra 950 caloires.  With the 200 I cut from not drinking an orange Fanta today. I just lost one third of a pound.  That means every three days I can drop a pound.

This is precisely how Beyonce dropped her baby weight.  It is also how Christian Bale slims down for his roles in between Batman movies.

Here are some tips:

  • Count Calories. (Keep a little journal it really does help)
  • Exercise Every Day. (You can double or triple your weightloss by adding exercise)
  • Place your meals strategically throughout the day (This will prevent you from being to hungry at any give time)

Alright.  Good luck guys with your weight loss. I hope this helped.  Make sure you return to our blog for fun information on health and exercise.