When To Skip A Workout

Now here at NordicTrackCoupon.com I think it’s to no one’s surprise that we are definitely pro-exercise; telling you about all the reasons to exercise and how to motivate yourself to get up and moving, as in our Winter Workout Motivators. Yet is there ever a time you need to skip those workouts?!

While it’s true “regular exercise provides many health benefits, from improving your mood to decreasing your risk for developing high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and many other conditions. But when it comes to fitness, more is not always better,” according to an article from Huffington Post titled 7 Reasons to Skip A Workout. The article went on to add that “over-exercising can be just as unhealthy as not getting enough.”

So how do you know if you’re pushing yourself too hard or if you are just being too easy on yourself? Huffington Post tries to clarify that with these 7 “signs and symptoms that you may be overtraining and need to take a rest day or two.”

  1. Not Feeling WellIf You’re Not Feeling Well. “One of the many benefits of adhering to a fitness program is that it increases your immunity.” Yet it is possible you can still catch something. So to know if you should still hit the gym or not,  “follow the neck rule.” This means that if your symptoms are below the neck you should skip your workout, this includes chest colds or body aches. Now if your symptoms are all above your neck, such as a runny nose or headache, than it’s safe to say you can still workout if you are feeling up to it.
  2. If Your Cycle is Askew.  Sorry boys, this one’s only for the ladies. Over-exercising in women can actually lead to amenorrhea, which the absence of menstruation. While this is a tough one as to whether you should stop exercising due to missed periods, but it is certain you should contact your doctor and discuss your missed period, as well as be sure to include your exercise routine to see if they would suggest cutting back on time or intensity.
  3. If You’re Burned Out. “Thanks to the release of feel-good hormones” you should be feeling awesome after your workout, yet if you are more exhausted and feeling burned out you may be over-exercising. “Skip a few workouts and give your body time to bounce back. Sometimes it takes a break to re-ignite the fire.”
  4. If Your Sleep Cycle Is Out Of Whack. Regular physical activity helps to improve your sleep, so if it’s doing the opposite and you feel as if you can’t sleep or can’t get enough sleep you may be suffering from overtraining. “When your sleep patterns are consistently disturbed, it might help to take a few days off. Besides, your muscles grow when you’re resting (recovering), now when you’re sweating it out at the fitness center.”
  5. Muscle SorenessIf You Have Sore Muscles. Depending on how sore you are, you may or may not want to take a day off.  Now if you are only slightly sore, exercising might actually bring you some relief, although it’s probably best to work a different set of muscles than the ones actually causing you pain. Yet if your muscle pain is severe, skip your workout. “When you alter your mechanics to compensate for some muscles. You can put yourself at greater risk for injury.” There are foods that may actually help you heal from an injury, check out some examples here.
  6. If Your Stomach Is Upset. “Cramps, nausea and diarrhea are all great reasons to skip or scale back on exercise.” Diarrhea and vomiting cause dehydration, so to add exercise and sweating on top of that you “could accelerate that dehydration.” Most stomach bugs last only a day or two so you shouldn’t be out long, “just be sure to drink plenty of fluids to replenish your system” before getting back at it.
  7. If You’re Out of Time. While we support and encourage daily physical activity, don’t let this cause to you miss out on too much quality time with family and friends. It’s important to maintain good emotional relationships and not isolate yourself for your health as well. “Consider scaling back just one workout a week to make time for your emotional health. You won’t fall off the exercise wagon if you schedule some downtime into your fitness plan, and it can be a good way to reward yourself for a week of hard workouts. Relaxation is important, too!” Check out Fitness Magazine’s 10 Easy Ways to Sneak in a Workout to help you fit in that workout, and still make time for your family.


All images courtesy of HuffingtonPost.com.