Workout With Music

If you are looking for a brand new treadmill get one with built in speakers, or at least cup holders that you can put your Ipod in.  here is why you are going want to make music  a huge part of your workout routine.

It actually makes you stronger.

rocky runs

This is why he only trains during musical montages

It works in two ways to make you stronger.  First it distracts you from the pain that comes with exerting your muscles beyond their comfortable level.   Second is synchronicity, when you match your muscular movements to a set tempo you spend less energy on the inefficient slowing down and speeding up.

It slows down time
The brain operates on frequencies.  When you are sleep the frequency level in your head is much lower than when you are awake.  Similarly there is a lot of deviation in brain frequency while awake.  If you are frightened your heart rate will spead up and your brain will be operating at some high beta frequencies, if you are relaxed and day dreaming they slow down to some alpha or theta level frequencies.

Music operates by way of frequency as well. And when music is playing it offsets the frequency in the head.  If it hieghtens your cognitive frequencies you start to experience time slower.


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