NordicTrack C1550Normal Web Price: $3,999
Current Sale Price: $1,299

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The C1570 offers a roomy and comfortable running area that will provide an excellent workout. The tread belt has been improved on this machine to prevent less maintenance and operate more smoothly and quietly. There are many features included in this treadmill that provide excellent and challenging workouts. All of these things combined to create an awesome workout environment.

Some of the main features that this treadmill offers are:

  • 34 Workout Apps: You will get 34 different workout apps that all target something different such as speed, calorie burn, incline, or intensity. It is that simple. All you have to do is press start!
  • Polar® Wireless Chest Strap Included: Most of the time you would have to purchase this feature separately for $99.00, so it’s nice to have it included with this treadmill. That definitely adds to the value.
  • iFit® Compatible Console: This does not mean that the machines comes with iFit already installed. You would have to purchase the iFit® Wi-Fi Module separately. However, the treadmill will definitely be improved with this small added feature.

This machine is brand new, so it is still too soon to tell how popular it will become. However, based on the features and specs for its low price, the C1570 seems quite promising and valuable. This machine is one of the top treadmills in its price range. You will receive unique features and specs that are not seen on many other treadmills for the same price. This treadmill has awesome workout features that will challenge your workouts such as the workout apps, iFit compatibility, and the -3% decline! There are also two different methods of measuring your heart rate on this machine. This way you’re guaranteed to achieve your heart rate zone! This treadmill is built to last and not require much maintenance.

Motor: 3.25 CHP
Treadbelt: 20″ x 60″
Speed: 12 mph
Incline: -3-15%
Weight Capacity: 375 lbs
Dimensions: 82″ L X 35″ W X 57″ H