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The Commercial 2450 is a brand new treadmill that is packed full of features. Literally, there are so many that I could talk about this machine for hours. There is no doubt that this machine is worth the hefty price tag. If you want to invest in a treadmill, and you have the money, there is no question that this is the treadmill for you. The great thing about the 2450 is it will last a lifetime, so you can feel good about the money spent.

Some of the main features that this treadmill offers are:

  • 40 Workout Apps: Wow! This thing is packed with workout applications that will keep your workouts fun, interesting, and diverse. All of these programs target different things such as, time, distance, and resistance.
  • Runners Flex™ Cushioning: This is one of NordicTrack’s new cushioning systems that will protect your joints better than ever before. This program allows you to turn it on or off depending if you want a smooth, suspension, or if you want the treadmill to imitate the impact of an actual road.
  • iFit Ready: When you’re paying this much for a treadmill, you know you are going to get lots of features. So, of course, this treadmill comes with iFit Live Technology already installed and ready to go. This program allows a wide variety of workout, such as running on any outdoor course in the world, thanks to Google Maps.
  • 15″ Integrated HDTV: One of the coolest, and newest features that NordicTrack has added to this treadmill is the 15″ HDTV. Now you can finally watch your favorite movies, or TV shows right from your treadmill. Buying an extra TV for your workout room is no longer necessary.

So far, there seems to be absolutely nothing negative that I can even think to say about this machine. It has some of the most impressive features and specs that I’ve seen thus far in the treadmill world. NordicTrack has incorporated many new advances in this treadmill that make it shine above any other treadmill. First off, they’ve added a new cushioning system that gives the user the control. The large, and extremely powerful motor will keep this treadmill running forever. And the 400 lb user weight limit shows that this thing can withstand heavy, and I mean, heavy usage. This thing is a beast. It has a large, comfortable tread belt. This treadmill really is built for any type of user. Don’t even get me started on the features of this treadmill, because the list never ends. Needless to say, this treadmill will impress any user tremendously. It has everything that a treadmill needs, except for maybe a steep incline (which is mostly used for cross-training anyways). Just to top it off, this treadmill was voted a best buy from the Treadmill Doctor, so that seals the deal that this treadmill has it all.

Motor: 4.0 CHP
Treadbelt: 22″ x 60″
Speed: 12 mph
Incline: -3-15%
Weight Capacity: 400 lbs

NordicTrack User’s Average Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

“What an awesome treadmill. I was expecting a good one but what I got was a great one! This treadmill came well packaged, easy to assemble and very well built. Then once I stepped on it, the features just blew me away. The screen and the TV are both very nice and user friendly. The treadmill is well built, high quality and very sturdy.”-Terry S. (Wichita Falls, TX)